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We got a little Work Done!

Welcome to L'ATELIER - "The Studio" inspired by the fashion houses in Paris! Walk into any fashion atelier and you'll see designers hard at work, fabric left and right, pins placed to create custom cinching.. all to create a custom peice of art made to fit the client to their exact measurments. That's our philosophy, weither working with a bride, or salon client, everything is custom to her and her needs. Foundations made to match and mimic skin, and hair color and cuts designed to bring out the best in your complexion and face shape. We've got you covered from before"I Do" and after ;) !

Although we will no longer be going by Keziah Bevans Bridal Hair & Makeup Atelier, our standard of service has not changed, just a lot more refined. Thank you to our clients and fellow vendors for the love and support! We love you!!

A message from Keziah, the Owner and CEO

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