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Mary Katherine & Alexis

When our bride Mary Katherine was referred over to us by a fellow vendor, I was over the moon with excitement! Hearing about her beautiful wedding in France (where her hubby is from) and how they wanted to have another ceremony here in San Antonio (where the bride is from) sounded like a dream. I mean, who doesn't want to have multiple weddings? I say it all the time, if my hubby and I can throw another wedding for ourselves I totally would, it was so much fun! During the initial consultation with Mary Katherine, she expressed that she not only wanted to just look like a better version of herself, but she wanted to "feel" gorgeous as well. Looking back at her beautiful wedding photos, I believe all the vendors involved helped to turn her dreams into a reality!


-Planner: Beth Colley of Oak Valley Vineyards

-Ceremony Officiant: Tim Young

-Hair/Makeup: Keziah Bevans Bridal Hair & Makeup Artistry (senior artists Angela & Cypress)

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