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About Us


I think for me, I've always had this obsession with all things Bridal, and I can for sure pin point when it started.


I remember as a little girl going to the wedding of a close family friend and seeing the bride all done up for the first time and I was speechless!  I wanted to know how she got her hair like that, the pretty feather brooch in her hair, her makeup, her dress, everything! Not to mention the bride and groom's story on how they met was beautiful. Little did I know, I would be working with the same wonderful woman who did that bride's hair and makeup years later, and I'm grateful for the opportunities that have come from doing so.

Working as a Lead Artist for Antonette White Airbrush Makeup and Hair Artistry in Chicago, and being in the industry over a decade has taught me so much on how to perform to the very best of my capacity, and how to really understand what my brides are looking for and how to make them not only look, but feel like the best versions of themselves.


It can be stressful believe me I get it, and I believe that's why I love this industry so much. I LOVED being a bride, and I LOVE love. I would totally plan our wedding again every year if I could lol! 

I want my brides here in San Antonio Texas to have an amazing bridal experience from the time we start getting them ready, till "I do" and beyond..

XOXO - Keziah


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